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  • 06-Nov-2013 to 05-Dec-2013 (MST)
  • Suh'dutsing Telecom
  • Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA
  • Hourly
  • Full Time

Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, and matching 401k

a. Technical Qualifications: Must demonstrate the capability to independently performing the tasks relevant to the performance work statement scope in the basic contract and the performance work statement for the individual tasks. Progressive experience must be shown from prior level including demonstrated roles and responsibilities on specific projects and following the proscribed processes independently.
b. Educational Qualifications: Must meet, as a minimum, the General Educational Development (GED) requirements. Unless otherwise specified a Bachelor's Degree in an area deemed relevant and specific to the performance work statement and functional area may be substituted for two years of experience, e.g. a ten years' experience requirement may be satisfied by a Bachelor's Degree and eight years of experience.
c. Minimal Experience Level: 5 years of security analysis experience in a federal agency environment (government or Contractor)
d. Security Clearance: Secret (TS-SCI Eligible)
8. Position Description:
a. General: Must demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge to provide technical security services relative to the development, acquisition and sustainment of aeronautical weapon systems, subsystems, and associated support systems and assist with implementation of Information Security, Industrial Security, Personnel Security, Communications Security, Resource Protection, Force Protection, and Anti-Terrorism programs. Applies knowledge of program protection, technology control, system security engineering and related DoD and Air Force Instructions (DoDIs and AFIs). Assist with program protection planning including defining the methods and actions needed for the protection of a weapon system throughout its lifecycle.
b. Specific Responsibilities:
• Directly report to the Senior Security Manager in performance of the following:
o Independently perform security management support tasks.
o Provide a wide range of security management, analytical, technical and support services for programs managed by DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, AFLCMC/WI Directorate, AFLCMC/WIN Division and specific ISR programs.
o Provide support for integrating flexible, cost-effective and threat-based security processes, plans and procedures to protect each critical weapon system during its lifecycle (pre-milestone A through demilitarization).
o Act as customer's focal point for security and coordinate security requirements with the assigned Government security task lead.
o Provide advisory assistance and coordinating recommended solutions on security deficiencies, issues, and risks with program office personnel.
o Recommend changes to DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, Directorate, Division level and program security policy/instructions for consideration.
o Implement of the Information, Personnel and Industrial Security programs to ensure classified material is protected according to DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, Directorate, Division and Branch level program directives.
o Assist personnel with completing personnel security investigation paperwork, reviewing packages for accuracy and assisting with tracking personnel security clearances until adjudication.
o Assist with the development of security requirements into contractual commitments and administratively assist with the coordination of DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification.
o Develop and document recommended program protection and system security input for document incorporation such as in a Statement of Objectives (SOOs), Performance Work Statement (PWS), Request for Proposal (RFP) and Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) for assigned programs.
o Provide advisory assistance in evaluating security and administrative procedures associated with handling unclassified Critical Program Information/Critical Information (CPI/CI) and classified material, up to and including TS, Special Access and SCI.
o Identify potential issues and make recommendations to the Government for consideration.
o Make recommendations relating to the integration of US export and technology control laws, DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, Directorate, Division, and Branch level program policy/instructions.
o Conduct analyses of procedures regarding the handling, controlling, storage and disposition of classified or critical weapon system hardware, to include installed components.
o Assist with the transition of DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, Directorate, and Division to "Design to" and "Test to" specifications and System Security Engineering (SSE) requirements into functional requirements.
o Participate as an advisor to the System Security Working Group (SSWG) for the preparation of program security standards.
o Assist in reviewing program threats and conduct vulnerability analyses to define security functional requirements for effectively securing systems against overt and covert ground-initiated attack.
o Provide recommendations for the integration of physical security countermeasures, electronic and mechanical detection devices on the weapon system, and other corrective actions to the Government for consideration.
o Provide advisory and draft documentation assistance for the development of a System Security Concept of Operation (SSCO) based on the threat definition, vulnerability analyses and existing security systems and measures.
o Assist in planning, designing, reviewing, analyzing and reporting on tailored security plans for the protection of systems during the test and evaluation phase and make recommendations to the Government for changes to security test procedures for consideration.
o Assist in conducting system security assessments to assure the proper acquisition front end emphasis on system security management.
o Review conceptual studies, program reports, system data and other pertinent source documentation, which might aid in establishing basic system security requirements.
o Analyze the adequacy of the weapon system contractor's system security planning and physical security standards and report on discrete areas of concern.
o Assist with identifying CPI, assessing program threats, analyzing system vulnerabilities and recommending alternative cost-effective security countermeasures that meet security objectives within the overall system design and program strategy.
o Assess, monitor and reviewing trade studies designed to balance program security risks with costs to the program and assist with designing cost-effective approaches for integrating security requirements into weapon system contracts.
o Assist with developing and maintaining time-phased, event-driven Security Classification Guides (SCGs), Program Security Directives (PSDs), Technology Assessment and Control Plans (TA/CPs), and Program Protection Plans (PPPs).
o Assist in conducting technical evaluations of (Automated Information System) AIS and other electronic equipment, which has electronic storage capability or processes classified data, to include Special Access Required (SAR) information.
o Assist in evaluating AIS Standard Practice Procedures (SPPs).
o Provide advisory assistance in performing on-site security evaluations at program offices and review weapon system prime contractor security survey reports.
o Provide advisory assistance by evaluating security procedures / operations and providing technical security recommendations to the review team lead for consideration.
o Assist and support test and analysis of systems in classified program areas, up to and including TS, Special Access Programs (SAPs) and SCI facilities and recommend corrective action for consideration.
o Provide advisory and draft documentation support for special studies, analyses and investigations.
o Analyze broad system security issues and make corrective action recommendations for consideration.
o Perform administrative tasks as necessary to support security functions must have strong analytical writing skills in order to successfully document program security methods and decisions.
o Assist in maintaining an appropriately classified computerized database of Government and DoD contractor personnel with access to the SAR programs as identified by individual task orders.
o Evaluate security and administrative procedures associated with handling unclassified CPI/CI and classified material, up to and including TS, SAR and SCI.
o Provide day-to-day security management of an SCI and/or SAP facility along with the administrative functions to execute the management of the facility.
o Perform all tasks pertaining to Information, Personnel, Industrial, and Physical security programs through the Defense Security Service (DSS).
o Assist with maintaining, accounting for and destroying Communications Security (COMSEC) material.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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